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The advantages of sea freight:

Due to the extreme size of container ships, customers have the opportunity to transport large quantities of their goods at once.

Flexibility through limitless possibilities

Regardless of the nature of your goods, the seagoing vessel is a mode of transport that can be used individually.

With the right loading equipment, you can have almost all goods transported to the desired port.

Civil air freight has grown rapidly since the 1960s. About half of the world’s air freight is transported on the lower decks of passenger aircraft, the other half on dedicated cargo planes.

The advantages of air freight:


As the fastest means of transport, the plane is particularly suitable for transporting smaller, time-sensitive goods.

Safety and risk of damage

Due to the well-known safety regulations for sending goods by air, the risk of damage to your goods is reduced to a minimum


In addition to the high level of safety, air transport is also characterized by its reliability.

DHP Logistics has a comprehensive network and, with the help of partner companies, ensures transparent and safe transport of your goods.

The advantages of land freight:

Enabling door-to-door deliveries.

Incomparable delivery network, through the combination of different modes of transport.

Easy planning and implementation of your projects.

Facilitating trade for sustainable growth

With the services from DHP extensive range, you can optimize customs and foreign trade processes. We support you with improvements in trade performance, in operational efficiency, in risk management and in all customs-related processes.

As your strong partner, we have the opportunity to meet all of our customers’ requirements reliably and cost-effectively.

In general, our work focuses on the following warehouse services in logistics:

Picking and shipping

Storage of your goods in area/block or rack storage

Packaging and labelling


Consolidation of goods

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We are also happy to take over the document handling of your deliveries. We take care of customs clearance of your air and sea freight and take care of the fast processing of the import or export of your goods .

 Preparation of export declarations for export

Customs clearance of temporary goods exports (temporary export)

Creation of Preference Certificates EUR.1 and A.T.R

Creation of carnet TIR & Electronics Carnet in NTCS

Creation of CMR bills of lading

Customs declaration for free circulation

Calculation of customs duties

Temporary importation

Customs Declarations for inward processing.